One night at the museum, 27 April 2013

Kath Fries, Fairfield Museum blue carpet treatment, 2013, digital image series
Fairfield City Museum and Gallery will open its doors at sunset on Saturday 27 April to showcase contemporary artworks in and around the site. This one off event will transform the Museum's unique buildings and grounds into an outdoor gallery featuring sculptures, videos and installations, as well as a free-running ParkRoar performance by the local Western Sydney group 9Lives. One Night at the Museum’s Artistic Director, Richard Petkovic says: “the Museum and Gallery has been the centre of culture in the Fairfield area for some time but with this event we want to do something different”.

One night at the museum event invitation, artwork by Linda Brescia.

The artists have been asked to create works responding to the Museum site. Kath Fries is working with particular memory of the gallery space, “…during our initial meeting to discuss this project, two local artists Tom Polo and David Capra, said the main thing they remembered from visiting the gallery when growing up, was the bright blue carpet on the floor that dominated the space completely. This comment intrigued me, so I have appropriated their memory of the site by playfully reworking the infamous blue carpet tiles, so visitors can experience not red, but blue carpet VIP treatment…”

Kath Fries, Fairfield blue carpet treatment, 2013, digital image series

The old, the new, the hidden and the sacred will be brought together around the Museum courtyard’s delicious woodfire pizza oven, for one night only at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery. Come and see the Museum in a new way!

Kath Fries, Fairfield Museum blue carpet treatment, 2013, digital image series