Her Moving Presence - group exhibition

Kath Fries, Handheld – melting, 2015-2016, ice and video projection, 24x12x36cm

Her Moving Presence is an exhibition of moving image work by twelve female artists, navigating both implied and actual presence through the mediums of video, projection, interactivity and screen based performance. The works presented are reflections of the body as presence, not solely the view of female presence in front of the camera, as the viewed being – but rather, female presence behind the camera, as the viewer/creator. Her Moving Presence explores the negotiation of the feminine self through time, space and objects. The reading of this visible and invisible presence allows the construct of an internal dialogue that affirms the understanding of our many selves. The self is determined internally: therefore the conclusion of feminine identity is never specific or absolute. These curatorial themes are echoed in the possibilities inherent in the moving image medium. A medium dependent on light and constantly in flux, it is itself defined by both the visible and invisible, and the passage of time. Mediating, and indeed defining, the notion of ‘self’ through screen based mediums is almost a ubiquitous part of being visible in the world of a technology driven society. This exhibition looks at the multifarious ways that this manifests from a feminine perspective – from the personal to the political, from gender to cultural issues, from trace to technology.

Kath Fries, Handheld – melting, 2015-2016, ice and video projection, detail view

My work in Her Moving Presence is a video of icicles projected through a melting frame of ice. This installation has developed from my residency in Finland last February, now exactly a year later, Sydney's hot humid summer February climate starkly contrasts the frozen mid-winter of February in Finland. When I arrived at my residency everything was blanketed in snow - a timeless magical winter wonderland. Yet the following week it all changed dramatically with the first early thaw of the season. Handheld – melting intimately recalls that day, how I held an icicle between my un-gloved thumb and index fingers, feeling it melt quickly within my grasp. Freezing water ran down my hand as my fingertips soon met in the middle and the icicle fell and shattered on the ground. Handheld – melting evokes that sensation of time slipping away and our inability to grasp transience. Emotionally and physically feeling entangled within existence’s continuous flux and flow, watching a lingering cluster of icicles drip innocuously from a drainpipe into the ground, catching the colours of the sunset. more info

Her Moving Presence

Her Moving Presence
5 February – 20 February 2016
AirSpace Projects
10 Junction St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Opening night: Friday 5 February 6-8pm
Gallery hours: Thursday to Saturday 11am-5pm

Artists: Ella Condon, Fiona Davies, Kath Fries, Sylvia Griffin, Yvette Hamilton, Melissa Howe, Danica Knezevic, Vivienne Linsley, Sarah Breen Lovett, Sara Morawetz, Katy Plummer, and Tamara Voninski. Curators: Yvette Hamilton and Danica Knezevic.

Laughing Waters Road - group exhibition

My first artist-in-residence experience was in 2009, at Laughing Waters in Eltham Victoria, along with composer Kate Moore. For four weeks we lived in the Birrarung mud-brick house and had a wonderfully productive time creating works responding to the natural sounds, sights and textures of the area. Nillumbik Shire Council has now been running the Laughing Waters artists-in-residence program for fifteen years, and I'm delighted to be included in this exhibition celebrating the residency's longevity, Laughing Waters Road: Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham.

Kath Fries, Chasing Rainbows, 2009, photograph

video link - vimeo.com/149921162

My work in the exhibition is Chasing Rainbows 2009, a playful ephemeral work created in the landscaped ponds next the the house. It rained heavily during our residency and these ponds were full to the brim. When the water stilled to a mirror-like reflective surface, I experimented with simple handheld kinetic interventions, gently rocking glass mirror panels in the water so they shimmered with afternoon sunlight that danced whimsical rainbows onto nearby rocks. This video documentation of replicating and directing capricious rainbows conjures the enchanting and temporal nature of my residency at Laughing Waters, being attentive and responsive to that particular time in a wonderful place. 

Laughing Waters Road exhibition invitation
Laughing Waters Road: Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham
30 January - 14 March 2016
Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Ave, Eltham 3095

Artists: David Adams & Evi van der Niet, Penelope Aitken, Hannah Bertram, Craig Burgess & Kate Hill, Tim Burstall, Mirranda Burton, Carolyn Eskdale, Sue Ford, Kath Fries, Anna Glynn, Elizabeth Gower, Loren Grant, Melinda Harper, Eugene Howard, Anderson Hunt, Jessie Imam, Paul Kalemba, Ashlee Laing, Michael Mark, Scott Marr, Leanne Mooney, James Morrison, Joanne Mott, John R Neeson, John Nixon, Jill Orr, Michael Peck, Greg Pryor, Aviva Reed, Cameron Robbins, Melanie Scaife, Camille Serisier, Tetsutoshi Tabata & Mariana Verdaasdonk, Erin Tappe, Arlene Texta Queen, Liz Walker, Andre White and Susan Wirth.