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On Sunday morning I chatted to Jayne Cheeseman on her program Rockin' the Suburbs, FBi radio 94.5FM. We talked about my residency and exhibition at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, and some of the other suburban and out of town projects that I've worked on over the past few years. 
You can listen to the program at www.fbiradio.com/program/sunday-overhang > 9/3/14.


Kath Fries and her installation 'Decant'
March 2014, photo Tim Clapin

Frances Sacco interviewed me at the gallery last Monday and there was a hilarious photo-shot with photo-journalist Tim Clapin. I was directed to lie down on the floor and pose amongst my installation - I struggled to contain my giggles and that resulted in these smiley in these photos that appeared, along with a little write up about my show, in this week's local paper.

Interview with Frances Sacco, Fairfield Advance
March 2014, Source: News Limited (link to webpage)


"This comprehensive installation by Kath Fries at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery combines archival collection with artistic invention. By casting unfired clay multiples from two Chinese ewer fragments sourced from the museum’s permanent collection, Fries not only highlights the effect of time and preservation in ascribing value to everyday objects, but also challenges the notion of permanence and truth when dealing with historical artefacts. What is especially appealing is Fries’ considered treatment of the materials. Through the intimacy of digital projections and the repurposing of vines and natural fibres, the installation becomes almost biblical. By reimagining local histories, the collective mythologies of floods, human displacement and the decay of clay vessels goes beyond a literal reading of history and transforms the museum’s artefacts into art." 
Sydney Art Blog 

Sydney Art review of Decant

'Decant' - GO WEST with Art Month Sydney

I'm delighted that Decant is part of Art Month Sydney 2014. This Saturday's GO WEST bus tour explores the contemporary art scene in Western Sydney and stops off at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, where I'll be giving a short talk about my work.

Art Month Sydney 2014 logo

Each March, Art Month celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary art in Sydney by throwing open the gallery doors and presenting over 200 exhibitions and events. During March, Art Month Sydney invites you try new art experiences, visit Sydney's varied art spaces and explore contemporary art questions. Grab some friends, visit some galleries and have a local adventure. Everyone's invited. 

 GO WEST: Bus Tour, Art Month Sydney 2014 website screenshot

GO WEST: Bus Tour

Back by popular demand! Explore Western Sydney’s art precinct with a guided bus tour and day trip to major galleries including Campbelltown Arts Centre, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Fairfield Museum and Art Gallery, Parramatta Artists Studios and Blacktown Arts Centre. This tour will feature talks, performances and interactions from artists who live and work locally.

This tour will leave from the Art Gallery of New South Wales steps.
Saturday 15 March 2014, 10am - 5pm, FREE - book online www.artmonthsydney.com.au/tours/go-west-bus-tour

The tour hosts will be tweeting live from the event. To join the conversation use #amsgowest

Kath Fries DECANT, Art Month Sydney website screenshot

'Decant' opening - Sophia Kouyoumdjian

Kath Fries, Decant, 2014, detail view - inside one of the "meta-objects",
raw earthenware paper clay and ink

"… Decant is undergoing a continual process of change, Kath has effectively married the process of making art with that of presenting art. So as viewers of the supposedly final work, we are privy to elements of its making… these meta-objects continue to change and disintegrate in real-time. The clay works are unfired, and through a process of pouring water though them, the artist has eloquently instigated the cycle of creation and destruction… Kath imbues the work with a narrative of the everyday and of nature with which we connect, affording us all the privilege to partake in the process of making and the transformative impact of artistic production." 

Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Parramatta Artists Studios Co-ordinator
(extract from opening speech, 26 Feb 2014)

Kath Fries, Decant, 2014, detail view - one of the "meta-objects" slowly dissolving,
raw earthenware paper clay, ink, water and perspex cube

Decant: 22 February - 12 April 2014
Stein Gallery, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery
632 The Horsely Dr, Smithfield, NSW 2164. Tues - Sat: 10am - 4pm

Kath Fries, Decant, 2014, detail view - inside one of the "meta-objects", 
raw earthenware paper clay and ink

I would like to thank Sophia Kouyoumdjian for her insightful speech at the 'Decant' exhibition opening event, and Fairfield City Museum and Gallery for commissioning this installation.