Confluencias essay

"... Kath Fries' contemporary reinterpretation of the archetypal narratives in Bound, 2013, identifies with ongoing spiritual universal themes, still as relevant today as they have been in the past. In the case of Bound, Fries adapts and communicates a profound sense of duration and an ageless sense of mankind's interconnectedness, through an ongoing universal theme of an individual's relationship to their work. Tubal Cain has been powerfully enhanced through Fries sensitive response to the original cast bronze piece from MoF's permanent collection. Fries cast bronze and rope addition enables the two works to flow-together: to become, thereby, intertwined creating a new, work of art that denotes both past and present, labor and endurance, as collective pursuits across the ages. Bound represents an archetypal depiction of labor as integral to mankind's identity, and the process of being: powerfully expressed through Fries personal response to the transience of existence. Fries elaborates on the conceptual intention behind this piece which resonates within the context of Masonic history and MoF's permanent collection ..."
Helen Symons