Finalist - Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place

Three of my Scorch sculptures (bronze, twine and charcoal) have been selected for the finalists' exhibition of the 2012 Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place.

Kath Fries, Scorch, 2012, bronze, twine and charcoal, 150x150x30cm

Scorch - interpretation of place: "The bronze twigs in Scorch are balanced precariously, simultaneously fragile and resilient, imminently unravelling and succumbing to gravity. Scorch infers a sense of place by recalling a suburban charred magnolia tree, bushfire remnants of introduced species ill adapted to Australian elemental extremes. Since colonial settlement, the Australian environment has been irreversibly scarred by human attempts to control and manipulate its landscape and climate. The transience of existence and fragility of life are recurring themes throughout my practice. My site-sensitive process responds to a sense of place through materiality, spatiality and archetypical narratives; reflecting on our human relationships with nature, particularly that which is inherently difficult for us to control." (Kath Fries)

Kath Fries, Scorch, 2012, (detail view),
bronze, twine and charcoal

The Heysen Prize was established in 1997 to commemorate eminent South Australian artist Sir Hans Heysen (1877–1968) and his significant contribution to Australian art. Sir Hans Heysen is considered one of the first non-indigenous artists to engage deeply with the Australian landscape through his rich depictions of the outback, atmospheric paintings of his beloved Adelaide Hills and sensitive sketches of village life. Today, interpretations of place vary widely in approach and medium, yet still echo the same deep connections of Sir Hans Heysen. The Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place seeks to honour and continue this valuable legacy by providing a forum for artists to express their connections to the Australian environment, urban or natural, in the style and medium of their choosing.

The 2012 Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place is open daily from 10am – 5pm until 2 December 2012. 
Hahndorf Academy, 68 Main St, Hahndorf, South Australia.