'Beginnings': selected exhibition Hurstville Gallery

My sculptural installation, Incubate, 2012, has been selected for the exhibition Beginnings at Hurstville Museum & Gallery, part of the 2012 St George Art Awards.

Kath Fries, Incubate, 2012, (detail view)
expired light bulbs, nylon fabric and seed pods 

Beginnings [bih-gin-ing]
- the act or fact of entering upon an action or state
- the point of time or space at which anything begin
- the first part or initial stage of anything
- origin; source; first cause

Kath Fries, Incubate, 2012, (detail view)
expired light bulbs, nylon fabric and seed pods

Incubate is a sculptural installation made from found materials, suggesting a colony of insect cocoons or sleeping bats. Each shape is slightly different but all convey a sense of tension - a pregnant moment - as if pausing before breaking forth into life and taking flight. Incubate was created earlier this year whilst I was an artist-in-residence with the Gosford Regional Gallery. More information

20 October - 16 December 2012
Hurstville Museum and Gallery
14 MacMahon St, Hurstville, NSW