Topographic site-responsive exhibitions @ g8

Topographic exhibition invitation. Images left to right: Mark Booth, Linden Braye, Angela Griffiths, Sophia Egarchos, Thomas C. Chung, Ryan Hoffmann, Kath Fries, Michelle Heldon, Lucy Rimmer, Matt Busteed, Vanessa White, Sarah Nolan.  
topographic: a series of site-responsive exhibitions at g8 on george, galleryeight’s pop-up satellite space. Exploring various layers of history, place, uses and misuses of The Rocks area; through sculpture, installation and performance.

topographic 1: 30 May to 13 June 2012
Mark Booth, Linden Braye, Matt Busteed, Thomas C. Chung, Sophia Egarchos, Kath Fries, Angela Griffiths, Michelle Heldon and Sarah Nolan 
Drinks with the artists Thursday 31 May, 6-8pm
A sense of history and memory permeates this area beneath the constant renovations and developments on its surface. Several artists in topographic 1 playfully touch on issues relating to architecture - particularly renovation, demolition and abandonment. Others disregard the concrete and take flights of imagination fusing a personal experience of place with fact and fiction.

topographic 2: Saturday 16 June, 6-8pm
Vanessa White performing with Ryuichi Fujimura
White’s collaborative performance begins in one of The Rocks stairwells and opens into a psychic transformation where the unconscious is brought into conscious awareness.

topographic 3: 19 – 25 June 2012
Lucy Rimmer and Ryan Hoffmann
Drinks with the artists Thursday 21 June, 6-8pm
Rimmer’s magnified dust particles explore the physical traces left by occupants of buildings in The Rocks and their associated histories, both real and imagined. These images are projected amongst Hoffmann’s painted pillars that seemingly bear the scars of maritime weathering.

topographic is curated by Kath Fries and Peter Cramer
g8 on george: galleryeight’s pop-up satellite space
Shop 2.06, 140 George St, The Rocks, NSW 2000
Open 7 days: 12 – 6pm & til late during vivid