Documentation photographs taken by Joy Lai

"Patricia Alvarez and Kath Fries’ collaborative installation performance 'Clothe the wold and meet the sky' is a human driven web of hair and fibres. It’s feminine, tactile and a little bit trippy. The artists’ treatment of their materials oscillates between unruly and controlled, resulting in an eerie 'wold' that is part intention, part imagination and part accident. The medium is message here I think. If weaving is about making connections between things, then this entangled cave is an apt analogy for the strangely beautiful mess we make when we interact/connect with others." Art Tart Review 

These photographs of the Patricia's performance in my installation were taken by Joy Lai from Lyrebird Photography at the opening of Clothe the wold and meet the sky, Thursday 24 February 2011, Gaffa. 

You can read more about the project here