Clothe the wold and meet the sky - collaboration

Patricia Alvarez and Kath Fries
Clothe the wold and meet the sky, 2011

Opening night: 6-8pm Thurs 24 Feb 2011 (live performance)
installation & video documentation exhibited until Tues 8 March 2011

Gaffa, Gallery Two, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney, Australia
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-5

Patricia Alvarez (performance artist) and Kath Fries (installation artist) present their new collaborative work Clothe the wold and meet the sky, 2011, at Gaffa Galleries Sydney. This live experimental, performative installation develops their overlapping interests in tactility, fibres, feminine archetypes and exposing the creative process.

The title, Clothe the wold and meet the sky, is taken from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s 1833 poem The Lady of Shallot. This famous ballad anchors several of Alvarez and Fries’ collaborative motivations; exploring weaving to extend and entangle the body as well as challenging voyeuristic dynamics of watching and being watched, "out flew the web and floated wide / the mirror crack'd from side to side". 

Alvarez is a musician as well as a visual artist and has played with several Sydney bands. In her visual arts practice she has recently presented performance pieces exploring the mark-marking possibilities of artificial hair and eyelash extensions.
Fries is an installation artist who explores materiality, spatiality, narratives and archetypes in her work. Recently Fries won the Japan Foundation New Artist Award.