and yet

the world is a single dewdrop
set trembling upon a leaf
and yet

In this small haiku gem, written shortly after his young daughter died, the Zen poet Issa evokes the fragile beauty of existence. The one absolute is that life is transient but as Issa puts forward the entirety of everything meaningful and of value about our momentary existence is summarised in the words ‘and yet’.

Kath Fries’ work explores the uneven difficult path between openly and fully embracing life as it unfolds and the complete acceptance that ultimately we must lose everything most dear to us. The courage to walk this path is a life enriched with wisdom and compassion.

Dr Lindy Lee

September 2010

(Grove exhibition publication, page 11, view book here)

Kath Fries, Grove, 2010, detail view, bamboo, feather, charcoal, shadow,
documentation photograph by Lyrebird Photography