Sirens' Song - Byron Bay, 26 June - 11 July 2010

In ancient Greek mythology Sirens were seductive dangerous bird-women, whose beautiful singing lured passing sailors into dangerous waters. These strands of feathers echo the Sirens' wings, indicating our inability to heed warnings of environmental catastrophe.

Images: Kath Fries, Sirens' Song - Byron Bay, 2010, feathers and nylon in a pandanas tree, dimensions variable.

ArtsCape Bienniale 26 June - 11 July 2010
an exhibition of environmental sculpture 
Clarkes Beach Reserve, Byron Bay.

There is endless appeal in the essentially symbiotic relationship between the host landscape and the guest sculpture, each complimenting and enhancing the other. With every change of surrounding light, shadow and movement, a new image forms, unique to that moment in time and adding a temporal dimension for the observer to enjoy.
—Julian Beaumont, 2010