Entwine, artist-book

Preview a selection of pages from Entwine, my new open edition artist-book. Featuring 80 pages of documentation photographs from my temporal site-sensitive installation Sentinel 2007-2008, at Stonehurst Cedar Creek Vineyards Wollombi, Hunter Valley NSW. This installation of red yarn interwoven into grapevine trellises formed a pulse of rhythm and repetition. My documentation photographs follow the vines growth into lush living tunnels completely enveloping the trajectories of thread that eventually died back to reveal the red yarn beneath. Entwine navigates cycles of growth and decline as stretching strands reach out tracking seasonal cycles, echoing Ariadne’s thread leading through the Cretan labyrinth.

Buy a copy online here or at Gaffa Galleries (281 Clarence St, Sydney), Retrospect Galleries (52 Jonson St, Byron Bay) or A Coffee and a Yarn (413 King Street, Newtown).

Kath Fries retains the copyright of all images and text in this artist-book.