Four Steps Forward - Gaffa Gallery 2006

Four Steps Forward is an exhibition by four artists, who would all describe themselves as painters. Yet their work ranges across a vast array of materials and mediums. All have a sense of humor or playful exploration that marks a crucial point in the individual creative process. Four Steps Forward captures a sense of each artists different directions and forward momentum.

Artists: Simone Letat, Karen Sullivan, Kath Fries and Michele Morcos
Opening: 6-8pm, Thursday 19 October 2006
Exhibition continues to 24 October
Gaffa Gallery: 330 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 ph (61) 02 93806266
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 12-6 Sat 11-6 Sun 12-5


Kath Fries, Discarded, 2006, leaf filament, lizard skin, rose thorns, paper, photograph display corners, paper and needles and thread in lightbox display

Discarded like lost photos
memories of what held us together
inside and out
our adornment and protection
still threaded together
in our pieced hearts



Kath Fries, Wedding ring, first time round, 2006, confetti and braille on floor

They say that love is blind
So read Braille marriage vows with your toes
Try not to trample them…
As fragile decorations and tedious preparations disintegrate into the past
What of those promises made so publicly?
Whichever ritual enacted,
When the circle is completed or lost
Where to from there?


Kath Fries, I wanted to tell you, 2006, watercolour, carbon and digital print on tracing paper, 25 pieces

Flying across great oceans
Connecting our lives with intimate daily details
Sharing common experiences of motherhood
And new encounters on different paths
A physical presence captured in your handwriting
Your personality and spoken voice in your words
A distinct stamp of identity
Our family tree and maternal wisdom captured
In letters lost


Kath Fries, Playing cards, 2006, watercolour and ink on paper, 52 pieces

Asian origins almost forgotten
as royal European dynasties named their suites
then swept up with dominant language
into a global practice.
Once precious inherited objects with
quirky family members related but still individual,
now uniform and as common as Coke,
spread across continents and cultures
like a thorny feral weed - to some an evil vice,
to others a cultivated talent - nurtured like a precious rose