Within and without @ the North Sydney Art Prize

Kath Fries, Within and without, 2016, beeswax and growing oyster mushrooms

Next week, I'll be installing my beeswax and oyster mushroom installation, Within and without, underground in one of The Coal Loader Tunnel's cave-like chambers as part of the North Sydney Art Prize. This work considers how fungi and insects are often overlooked or dismissed as pests, but they are actually essential for sustaining bio-diverse ecosystems. Within and without reflects mycorestoration processes, where fungi are used to rehabilitate contaminated environments. Underground, the mushroom mycelium absorbs pollutants and facilitates robust soil foundation, nurturing the regeneration and balanced interdependence of plants, insects, animals and humans. More info and images link

North Sydney Art Prize exhibition invitation 

All the works in the North Sydney Art Prize address a local or global issue broadly related to the curatorial theme of Sustainability, such as mass production, consumer culture, food technology, climate change, environmental, cultural, social and/or economic. Many of the works respond to a cultural, historical, social or metaphorical aspect of the Coal Loader site, and its preexisting features such as the harbour foreshore, regenerated parklands or surrounding bushland, readapted dwellings or disused tunnels. The curatorial theme embraces innovation and diversity in contemporary art and provides an entry point into the many conversations about our complex relationship with the world around us. 

The North Sydney Art Prize
11- 26 March 2017
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton NSW

Site vist to my installation location in the underground The Coal Loader Tunnel caves