SAVE Sydney College of the Arts

As a PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, I was appalled to hear that the University of Sydney plans to close Sydney College of the Arts at the end of the year and send all its students to the University of NSW. I along with the other staff and students are outraged that there has not been any genuine consultation with us, we are devastated by this sudden announcement and are joining with SCA alumni and the arts community in protesting this move.

For over four decades Sydney College of the Arts has been recognised as a world-class institution vital to the education of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. With alumni including Ben Quilty, Jane Campion, Marc Newson, Bronwyn Bancroft, Lindy Lee, Fiona Foley, Shaun Gladwell, Fiona Lowry and Justene Williams, SCA is a cultural leader; shaping how we understand ourselves as Australians and our place in the world. The University of Sydney should celebrate being the custodian of this leading art school and recognise the important research and education that SCA contributes to the university.

Sydney as a global city must have a diversity of art schools as an essential ingredient for creating the optimum conditions that are part of building a vibrant creative Australia. It is not just my doctorate in jeopardy but the future of the arts and culture in our country.

You can help, please join Friends of SCA and sign the open letter online petition -

SOS SCA - Save Sydney College of the Arts, Friday 15 July 2016, photo by Kath Fries
 SOS SCA - Save Sydney College of the Arts, Friday 15 July 2016, photo by Kath Fries