RIGHTNOW - supporting artists resale royalty rights

I'm participating in RIGHTNOW - an exhibition of work by 100 Australian artists supporting the Artists' Resale Royalty Scheme. 

RIGHTNOW exhibition invitation, artwork: David Frank, Ngura.

RIGHTNOW9 - 27 April 2014
Boomalli Gallery: 55-59 Flood St, Leichhardt
Artists include: Adam Hill, Adam Norton, Alan Jones, Alec Baker, Anne Zahalka, Anthony Bennett, Anthony Lister, Arone Meeks, Atipalku Intjalki, Betty Muffler, Bronwyn Bancroft, Bruce Parker, Bugai Whyoulter, Chris Horder, Craig Waddell, Dadda Samson, Dan Hollier, Danny Eastwood, David Frank, Derek Thompson, Dianne Robinson, Douglas Abbott, Gloria Pannka, Gria Shead, Helen Samson Dale, Hilary Wirri, Ivy Pareroultja, Jakayu Biljabu, Jake Soewardie, James Drinkwater, James Guppy, Jamie Eastwood, Jason Benjamin, Jason Wing, Jasper Knight, Jatarr Lily Long, Jennifer Whiskey, Jenny Fraser, John Aslanidis, John Wolseley, Juan Ford, Judith Samson Anya, Julian Meagher, Kath Fries, Kerry Anne Robinson, Kevin Wirri, Laura Jones, Lenie Namatjira, Luke Cornish, Luke Sciberras, Mabel Wakarta, Maisie King, Mandy Martin, Marie Abbott, Mark Rodda, Martine Emdur, Matthew Johnson, Melinda Harper, Mervyn Rubuntja, Michael Johnson, Ngunytjima Carroll, Nicholas Harding, Nora Nungabar, Nora Wompi, Nyarrie Morgan, Peter Alwast, Peter Mungkuri, Peter Taylor, Petrina Hicks, PhilJames, Reg Mombassa, Remnim Alexander Tayco, Renita Stanley, Robert Boynes, Rosalind Tjanyari, Selma Coulthard, Tiger Yaltangki, Ungakini Tjangala, Whiskey Tjukangku and artists from the Tangentyere, Tjala Arts and Maningrida.

Please support the artists' resale royalty scheme by visiting the exhibition or signing the online petition www.resalerightnow.wordpress.com/sign-the-petition/

The Artist Resale Royalty Scheme began in Australia in June 2010, enabling artists to receive 5% income from their artworks when resold. The scheme was reviewed last year and it now seems that the current Federal Government wants to scrap it. One of the main reasons the scheme was brought into law was to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who often sell their artworks for very low sums of money - so while their artworks may have increased in value, the artists didn't earn any of that revenue. Many of these artists live in poverty while their artworks are traded for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Since the scheme began it has generated over $2.28 million in royalties for more than 820 artists. Indigenous artists have received 50% of the total royalties generated and represent 26 of the 50 artists who have received the most money under the scheme.