Decant - exhibition invitation

Kath Fries, Decant exhibition invitation, 2014

Decant is an exhibition of ceramic pieces, found materials and video melded into encapsulating installation of nature and artifice. This solo exhibition by Kath Fries, (Fairfield City Museum & Gallery's inaugural artist in residence) responds to objects in the museum's collection, which were found on the banks of nearby Prospect Creek. Decant explores the passage of time and containment of memory, poetically reflected in the residue and trace of pouring water.

Fries’ new work is an extension of her on-going investigation of impermanence and the everyday. Her chosen museum objects, two ceramic Chinese ewers, have been cast and recreated into a series of delicate shards - intentionally dissected, broken and semi-dissolved. Flood debris collected from Prospect Creek, has been distilled within the gallery space to conjure the ewers' discovery site and manifest the creek as a contoured organic timeline and a topographical ancient path in the landscape.
"Decant is thematically rich and invites the viewer’s interaction from many different, even competing, angles. But essentially, the work invokes a personal engagement with its materiality, forms, subject matter and the physicality of the space. Indeed, the success of Decant is derived from the surreal experience of being within the work’s artificial landscape, which strangely seems natural nonetheless. Fries has presented a site where art intermingles easily with remnants of the everyday, prompting us to consider the overlooked fragments – tangible and otherwise – which shape our own daily experiences." (Vi Girgis, Decant essay)
22 February - 12 April 2014
Stein Gallery, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery

632 The Horsely Dr, Smithfield. Tues - Sat: 10am - 4pm

Opening: Wednesday 26 February, 6.30-9pm

Speaker: Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Parramatta Artists Studio Coordinator

Go West: Saturday 15 March
The Art Month Bus Tour of Western Sydney 

Artist talk: Saturday 5 April, 2pm