Arboreal - my work in progress for Ruminations: Rumsey Rose Garden Art Walk, Parrmatta Park

Kath Fries, Arboreal concept, 2012, digital sketch

Arboreal explores an anthropomorphic* relationship with trees. Earlier this year, one of the two central pear trees the Rumsey Rose Garden was splitting in half, straight down the middle of its trunk. Now the breakage has stopped, because the tree has been bolted together - like pins in a human broken bone. This natural occurrence and the tree surgeon's solution has instigated Arboreal, an intervention installation were I will wrap the joints of the pear trees’ branches in strips of fabric, like broken human limbs. Between the layers of fabric there will be glimpses of gold leaf and charcoal residue, suggesting alchemic healing. And an oversized bamboo crutch will seemingly support a lower bound branch. Arboreal is a playful work, partly inspired by the serious traditional horticultural practices I observed in Japan on a research trip in 2011, thanks to The Japan Foundation’s New Artist Award
(*Anthropomorphic means the attribution of human characteristics to nonhumans.) 

Kath Fries, Bandaged tree in Kyoto, Japan 2011, image link

Ruminations: Rumsey Art Walk is a series of site-responsive installations and performances in Parramatta Park's Rumsey Rose Garden, part of Parramtta Park's Spring Festival. My plans and ideas for Ruminations: Rumsey Art Walk have been building over the past two years, while I've had a studio in the dynamic Parramatta Artists Studio complex. Ruminations is an outdoor exhibition of installations by Kath Fries, WeAve Parramatta and Parramatta artists: Simon Alexander Cook, Chrissie Ianssen and Majid Rabjet, as well as a performance by Vanessa White with Karl Krebs. 
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Kath Fries, Kyoto tree crutchJapan 2011image link