2012 Gosford Artists Residency - Imperial Arcade

The Gosford Artists Residency will take place from 18 June to 29 June 2012 in Shop 153/154, Level 1, Imperial Shopping Centre, 171 Mann Street, Gosford. An exhibition of selected work will be shown at Gosford Regional Gallery from 21 July to 16 September 2012. www.gosfordregionalgallery.com

Kath Fries, Gosford 18 June 2012, site research photograph
The four contemporary artists selected for the 2012 Gosford Artist Residency are: Wendy Abel Campbell, Kath Fries, Kylie Rose McLean and Janet Meaney. They will be based in a vacant shop in the Imperial Shopping Centre which will be open to the public from 18 to 29 June 2012 to participate in their installation and performance projects. Each artist will interpret and respond to the Gosford CBD its people, places, past, present and future, working from the shop and in the public domain. The Gosford Artist Residency is part of an ongoing strategy to engage the local community with quality contemporary art and revitalise the CBD of Gosford.
Kath Fries, Gosford 18 June 2012, site research photograph
Wendy Abel Campbell will be flipping the notion of tourism on its head by selling Gosford to the local residents. She will be creating a series of hand crafted postcards showing aspects of Gosford that aren’t usually found on postcards and distributing a limited edition print run of selected designs via mail. The public are welcome to witness the production of postcards, comment on her finished pieces and select cards to have mailed to themselves or other locals. Wendy lives on the Central Coast and is a graduate of the Sydney College of the Arts. 
Kath Fries, Gosford 18 June 2012, site research photograph
Kath Fries intends to create a series of small sculptures and site-sensitive installations out of found and domestic everyday materials. These works will seemingly grow out of edges and corners of spaces that are usually overlooked inside the shop and in the public space surrounding the Imperial Centre. Kath is a Sydney-based installation artist with a Masters of Visual Art from the Sydney College of the Arts.
Kath Fries, Gosford 18 June 2012, site research photograph
Kylie Rose McLean will be transforming donated fabric into an installation of textile panels that encapsulate the personal stories, histories and memories of local residents. She invites the public to donate fabric items that have a special significance or story into the shop to be incorporated into her work. She will be recording the donor’s story about the fabric and producing a soundscape to accompany the installation. Kylie is a textile and ceramics Artist based on the Central Coast and has a Bachelor of Design from UTS. 
Kath Fries, Gosford 18 June 2012, site research photograph

Janet Meaney intends to conduct a performance in the shop for the 2-week period that is based on the concept of “shopkeeping” and the act of ironing. She will be encouraging people to bring in shirts and sheets that need ironing. They will watch her as she irons their clothes and engage in conversation about the service she is providing. She envisages that this activity will escalate into a “balletic concert of ironers and folders” as she interprets ironing as a form of dance. Janet is a Canberra-based performance artist who has a PhD in Visual Arts from the Australian National University.
Gosford Artists Residency, Imperial Arcade Shop location
The Gosford Artists Residency is organised by Gosford Regional Gallery and the Imperial Arcade. Artists: Wendy Abel CampbellKath FriesKylie Rose McLean and Janet MeaneyVisitors are welcome 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday 18-29 June and our resulting work will be exhibited at Gosford Regional Gallery from 21 July to 16 September. www.gosfordregionalgallery.com