Scorch series - studio preview & works in progress

These are my new sculptures, titled Scorch series, for my upcoming solo exhibition opening at galleryeight on Friday night. I've had cast magnolia twigs in bronze using a one-off direct casting method (so they are unique pieces not editions) then bound them with twine and suspended pieces of charcoal.

Kath Fries, Scorch i, 2012, bronze and twine, detail view, 60x30x8cm

Kath Fries, Scorch series, 2012, bronze, twine and charcoal, dimensions variable
Scorch explores the idea of trace, in that each artwork is a remnant of the creative process but the actual moment of action has past. These bronze twigs are balanced precariously, simultaneously fragile and resilient. Like a pause in time between the fiery furnace that formed them and a future moment of unravelling, succumbing to gravity.

Kath Fries, Scorch ii, 2012, bronze and twine, 24x28x5cm
Kath Fries, Scorch series, 2012, bronze, twine and charcoal

The transience of existence and fragility of life are recurring themes throughout my practice. I use natural materials like twigs and charcoal to form a poetic commentary on our human relationships with nature and our personal struggles to accept that which is natural. In Scorch my use of cast bronze branches is a reflection on our human efforts to render permanent that which is impermanent.

Kath Fries, Scorch iii, 2012, bronze, twine and charcoal