Hold dear, 2011, bronze magnolia branch version

Kath Fries, Hold dear, 2011, bronze magnolia branch, nylon netting and charcoal,
dimensions 200 x 600 x 300 cm

Hold dear reflects on the grieving process; particularly the challenge of letting go of loved ones after they pass away. The work focuses on a magnolia branch cast in bronze alluding to our human attempts to render permanent a tree’s natural state of flux - to grow, bloom, die-off, disintegrate and regenerate. The bronze magnolia branch protrudes out of the wall, it’s shape conjures associations with the aging human body, gnarled joints and textured skin - a visual record of a life lived, challenges endured and experiences weathered. As such, the nylon netting dragging the mound of charcoal across the floor suggest our human attempts to resist death and the anticipated prior natural course of aging.

Kath Fries, Hold dear, 2011,
bronze magnolia branch and nylon netting (detail view)

Hold dear, is a new version of a work by the same name first exhibited at Hidden Sculpture Walk in Rookwood Cemetery earlier this year. This version, with the bronze branch, was created specifically for the Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship Finalists Exhibition, on show until 23 September 2011 at SCA Galleries Rozelle.

Kath Fries, Hold dear, 2011, detail view of bronze magnolia branch

This magnolia branch cast directly into bronze, marks my first venture into the world of bronze casting. Many thanks to Matt Crawford and the team at Crawfords Casting for being enthusiastic about my project and allowing me to watch the bronze branch be constructed and finished in the foundry.

Kath Fries, Hold dear, 2011, detail view of netting and charcoal on gallery floor