Strand, 2011

This work, Strand, was one of nine finalist entries selected for The David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award at Sydney University, exhibited at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, June 2011.
Kath Fries, Strand, 2011, synthetic hair extensions,
electrical cord and light bulb, dimensions variabl

Strand was created recently whilst I was artist-in-residence at The Lock-Up in Newcastle. It is one of several works I developed as part of my explorations of the confines of the old dark cells of the historic jail, considering how one would dream of escape and perhaps find it internally within one’s mind. The fabrication of Strand suggests deranged pulling and twisting of hair, the disturbed mind increasingly unbalanced by incarceration and disconnection from the world. Hair - an apparently abject bodily material conjures strong visceral responses, as well as associations with narratives and histories where hair is a focal point, such as the practice of shaving prisoners’ heads and the Rapunzel fairytale.