Siren's Song - Lake George installation

Siren's song - Lake George, is a 185m temporary installation tracing a discrete animal track along the lake-bed with a single length of black rope and numerous small white feathers. Vulnerably dwarfed by the landscape, the work draws a line across across the ground bringing attention to the animal track, causing viewers to participate in the trace of footfalls impacting on the earth's surface. Without either end in sight following a string of wind-blown feathers caught on the rope, there is a sense of investigation and tension as though this fluttering fringe portends imminent danger.

The work's title - Siren's song - Lake George, refers to an ancient Greek myth about dangerous bird-women, Sirens, whose singing lured passing sailors to their deaths. The feathers in this installation indicate the Siren's wings and our inability to respond to warnings of catastrophe, like changing animal and bird activities due to human destruction of environmental ecosystems.

Siren's song - Lake George is on the Sculpture Walk as part of theWeereewa Winds of Change Festival. Open to the public during daylight hours, from dawn Sunday 21 March to sunset Sunday 28 March. Enter at Silver Wattle Gate, Lake Road, Bungendore.