Fidelity - group exhibition

Opening Thursday 11th February, 6-8pm

Fidelity is a group exhibition launching Gaffa Gallery's new space at 281 Clarence St, near Sydney Town Hall. The exhibition runs until 23rd February 2010.

Gallery Two, Level 1: features a selection of my photographic work, Drawing with thread, from my 2009 Laughing Waters Artist Residency.

Kath Fries, Drawing with thread, 2010, series of digital colour photographs from installations at Laughing Waters Artist Residency October 2009.

Over the past four years I have been working with embroidery thread as a sculptural material in site-sensitive locations. Recently this process has culminated in a series of Drawing with thread temporal installations at Laughing Waters Artist Residency, echoing the site’s ephemeral spider-webs, surrounding bush debris and tactility of the artist-residency's mud-brick buildings.

The threads' trajectories explore spontaneity and intuition by tracing movement, extension and dexterity of a human body within the space. Witnessing a passage of time the threads are marked by changing elasticity, tension, gravity and weathering. These documentary photographs, sensitive to changing natural daylight, capture the threads' robust and fragile materiality. Tracing the fibrous lines as they stretch from their precarious anchorage in wooden windowsill splinters to follow their interconnections, unraveling and separations. Drawing with thread quietly considers interdependency, suggestive of the complexities in human relationships affected by stress, pressure, aging and support.