Le Fil (the thread) exhibition invitation

You are invited to attend opening night drinks with the artists, Thursday 30th July 2009, 6-8pm
Gaffa Gallery, 1/7 Randle St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
The exhibition continues to Tuesday 11th August

Curated by Kath Fries

Featuring new work by Hannah Bertram, Kath Fries, Michelle Heldon, Chrissie Ianssen, Jade Pegler, Melinda Young, Sahar Hosseinabadi, Michele Morcos, Linden Braye, Megan Yeo, Shannon Johnson and Sophia Egarchos.

Le Fil (the thread) is a group exhibition, bringing together twelve artists who deconstruct and re-address materials, processes and designs relating to the textile industry. A connecting conceptual thread runs between the artists’ works linking how we value fabrics from the contemporary, to the traditional and ancient. Textiles can be warm and comforting; they can communicate glamour and wealth, they can also convey cultural, national or religious significance. Such an essential part of our contemporary daily lives, we consume and discard vast quantities of mass-produced textiles that ultimately end up as landfill waste. In this group exhibition, Le Fil (the thread), each artist broaches a different conceptual angle ranging from metaphors of fabric as interwoven memories, to cycles of decay and renewal, yearning escapism and the ongoing struggles against assumptions of traditional feminine domesticism.

At the exhibition opening, Thursday 30th July 6-8pm, Mick James will be improvising a live tapestry of ephemeral sound-scapes, aurally stitched together with electronic sampling, reworking and remixing. Mick James has worked with FBi 94.5FM and continues to create collages of intriguing sounds from his home studio in Sydney for his fans in Japan and all over the world.